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You can collect our wines at our depot at Benton in cartons of six Monday to Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm but not Thursday morning. They do not acept cash payment has to be made in advance using B.A.C.s (internet banking). Contact us by email for details:

You could also pay by debit/credit card or PayPal using the drop down menu below, you then have to contact us to arrange the collection and  we can instruct the depot to release the wine.


 One carton of Le Sablet Roussanne Blanc 2016 @ £46.80

A beautiful pale colour with green reflections.

well balanced with persistent freshness

Madame A Formosa, Œnologue Formosa, July 2017, ICV Nîmes.

One carton of Assemblage Deux Rouge 40% Syrah 60% Mourvèdre 2015 @ £47.40

Eye: brick red.

Nose: chocolate, leather, spices, pepper, garrigue scents (thyme and rosemary).

Mouth: smooth and supple.

Madame A Formosa, Œnologue Formosa, October 2018, ICV Nîmes.

One carton of Assemblage Rouge 60% Syrah 40% Mourvèdre 2015 @ £52.20

Eye: light and polished burgundy colour.

Nose: red fruit and cooked fruit.

Mouth: smooth and the red fruit notes are reinforced.

Madame A Formosa, Œnologue Formosa, May 2017, ICV Nîmes.

One carton of Les Lones Rouge Syrah Fût de Chêne 2016 @ £56.40

Eye: intense red colour.

Nose: red fruit, jam, spices, finishing with pepper.

Mouth: balanced and voluptuous (very generous).

Madame A Formosa, Œnologue Formosa, June 2018, ICV Nîmes.

Madame A Formosa is Consuitant  Œnologue ICV for the southern Rhône right bank.

Wine collected at Benton

After you press the add cart button if you wish to purchase more than one carton press continue shopping. When you have finished if you do not have a PayPal account press Pay without a PayPal account to use a debit/creditcard. Note if you pay by PayPal you may see a delivery to address which is standard with purchases from Ebay this is collect only and does not apply.


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